About us

Maidens with a Mission is an online organization dedicated to restoring God into the lives of Latter-day Saint women.  We are endeavoring to restore the truths of godly womanhood and the Lord’s influence into every area of life and thought.  We want to encourage young women to “come unto Christ” and “be perfected in Him”.  To become a member, register and join a network of girls who honor Christ and want to change the world for His glory!

Maidens with a Mission focuses it’s efforts in the following areas:

  • Revealed Womanhood
  • Scriptural Daughterhood
  • Providential worldview
  • True doctrine
  • Culture
  • Family Kingdom (Patriarchal Order)
  • Divine principles of God’s government
  • Multi-Generational Legacies
  • Family economy
  • Courtship & Celestial Marriage
  • True Masculinity and Femininity

Restoring God into the lives of Latter-day Saint young women

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