Book Review: Pearl Maiden

Book Review: Pearl Maiden

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Originally written in 1903, this classic adventure from Sir H. Rider Haggard has been newly revised and updated in a Centennial Edition. This wonderful tale of faith tells the story of Miriam, a young Christian woman living in the Roman Empire during the first century, and Marcus, the Roman officer who desired to win her hand. Miriam’s faith is continually strengthened by the Lord as she faces hardships and fiery trials. The historic events portrayed in Pearl Maiden culminate in the Roman siege and destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple in A.D. 70.


Book review from Hannah:

I LOVE this book!  Not only was it impossible to set down but her faith and courage was inspiring.  I also learned a lot about the history of Israel after the birth of Christ.  Miriam, the main character, is a beautiful example of endurance and someone who stands for her principles.   You can also read it online for free here:

About the author:

Maidens with a Mission is an online organization dedicated to restoring God into the lives of Latter-day Saint women. We are endeavoring to restore the truths of godly womanhood and the Lord’s influence into every area of life and thought.

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