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If you are new here, begin reading here.  This page contains information, links and resources dedicated to restoring God’s plan for His daughters.  Maidens with a Mission members are currently working on books, articles and other material teaching the role of women from the perspective of scripture and Latter-day prophets.  In the meantime, see the resources below.  Not all of the authors are LDS but the majority of their research is in harmony of modern day revelation and holy writ.


  • So Much More (Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin)

Audio Talks

  • FREE – It’s Not About Staying at Home
  • What Our Father Taught Us About Boys
  • Whose Daughter Are You?
  • FREE – Dominion Oriented Femininity
  • FREE – Practical Courtship
  • FREE – What it Means to Honor Your Parents
  • Hollywood’s Most Despised Villain

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