Movie Monday: NEW Joseph Smith movie!

Movie Monday: NEW Joseph Smith movie!

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Many of you have seen the “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration”. On March 28, 2011 the church released some interesting news. They revised the entire film and uploaded it to YouTube. Here are some of the changes that our family noticed.

  • Story of young girl and her father as converts traveling to Nauvoo was replaced with the story being told by the Prophet’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith.
  • Shows Brigham Young and his friendship with Joseph Smith in more detail.
  • New scenes have been added including a scene where Joseph Smith was nearly kidnapped in Nauvoo by Missouri “police”.

Here is part of the news release by the church:

“Ron Munns, who produced the original film, said, “The first Joseph Smith film was excellent and was well received by many. However, some parts were not easily understood if you did not already know the story.

Everyone comes to the film with different backgrounds and knowledge, and we wanted to make sure that every person who sees the film walks away with a better understanding of the Prophet Joseph and what he did.”


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