Nephite Christmas Carol: Carol of the Other Sheep (Nephi’s Testament)

Nephite Christmas Carol: Carol of the Other Sheep (Nephi’s Testament)

Nephite Christmas Carol: Carol of the Other Sheep (Nephi’s Testament)

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Sometimes we forget the other part of the Christmas story, the narrative of an Israelite remnant looking forward to the birth of their Messiah in America.  Their story is an inspiring narrative of men and women who were ready to lay down their lives for Christ and the miracle that saved their lives: His coming.  This story is especially applicable as we prepare for Christ’s second coming.

Enjoy this carol written by James F. Stoddard based on text from 3 Nephi and Helaman.

Carol of the Other Sheep (Nephi’s Testament)

Written By:  Mormon and  James F. Stoddard (3 Nephi 1, Helaman 14)

Music:  “Huron Carol” (or “Twas in the Moon of Wintertime”) (other video link)

star-jesus-birth-154378-galleryBut there were some who said the time was past, our faith was vain.
My people’s joy and faith were tried, some sorrowful for fear.
Yet steadfastly watched for that day, and night, and day, as if no night.
At the going down of sun,
His words fulfilled:
For a sign great lights in heav’n.

A day was set apart to put to death all true believers.
My heart exceeding sorrowful, I bowed down to my God.
I cried all day with all my might, His voice came in behalf my people:
“Lift your head, be of cheer;
The time at hand.
On this night, the sign is giv’n.”

I come unto My own, My Word fulfilled from the foundation.
I come to do the will both of the Father and the Son.
Whoso believeth on the Son, shall everlasting life receive.
Lamb of God, I am born.
Father for thee,
I will glorify Thy Name.

The Father of the Heavens and the Father of the Earth.
Creator of all things from the beginning, Son of God.
A new star shall arise, such an one never hath been seen afore.
Many wonders and signs
In heav’n above.
In excelsis gloria.




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