Resurrecting Two Great Queens

Resurrecting Two Great Queens

Resurrecting Two Great Queens

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We would like to repost a highly recommended article from Visionary Daughters.  It was originally published in 2009 for the Reformation 500 Celebration, a national event commemorating the Reformation’s influence on Western Civilization over the last half a millennium.  Reenactors told the stories of great men and women from the past at a four day celebration in historic Boston, Massachusetts, sponsored by Vision Forum.  Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin chose to portray two women who gave their lives for Christ during the Reformation: Anne Boleyn and Jeanne D’Albret.

We think it is important for us to study the great women of the past — to be inspired by their examples, to learn from their mistakes, to study how God uses people for His glory.

For the Reformation 500 Celebration in Boston two weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to come as historical reenactors — a new experience for both of us, but one we’re very grateful for.

Anne Boleyn

I [Elizabeth] chose to portray Anne Boleyn, surely one of the most maligned and misrepresented women in history, for the chance to tell her true story.

Anne Boleyn was not only the catalyst for England’s break with Rome but one of the most active and influential reformers in England during her three years as queen. As a child, (read the the rest of the post on the Visionary Daughters blog)

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