Song of Freedom (Poem by Levi Hancock)

Song of Freedom (Poem by Levi Hancock)

Song of Freedom (Poem by Levi Hancock)

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patriot freedom fighterThis song was written at the request of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by Levi Hancock for the Fourth of July celebration in Far West 1838. He composed it in one day, writing through most of the night and performed the number with his brother Solomon Hancock.

To read the autobiography of Levi Hancock or that of his son, Mosiah Hancock, visit the Joseph Smith Forum reference.


by Levi Ward Hancock, July 3, 18–

1. Come lover of freedom, to gather,
And hear what we now have to say.
For surely we ought to remember
The cause that produced this great day.
Oh, may we remember while singing
The pains and distresses once born
By those who have fought for our freedom
And often for friends called to mourn.

2. The lives and the fortunes together
And honors all sacred and dear
Were solemnly all pledged forever
By our honored Forefathers here.
Including the great and the noble
Who in our behalf were so brave
They offered their lives for our freedom
When called for our country to save.

3. The parliament lords and the commons
To gather their soldiers prepare
And placed at their heads men to lead them
Then over the ocean did steer.
To fight with their foes? Oh, no, never!
To deal with their enemies? No!
But for some few fancied offenses
Across the Atlantic did go.

4. T’was then a pardon was offered
To all who would willingly yield,
Excepting John Hancock and Adams,
The fate of these men had been sealed.
Thank God then, for good Patrick Henry
And other men who with him dared
To come out with heart rending speeches
Against what these war lords declared.

5. The Tories were all crying “treason”
Against those who called for their right,
And they would not listen to reason
But called on their forces to fight
To gain for the lords and the commons,
Who called for a tax without right
Then often from morning to morning
Contended for it with their might.

6. God armed our forefathers with power
And Washington came to their aid;
In wisdom he lead the great battle
And soon made the Tories afraid.
He raised up the Standard of Freedom
And called for his brave volunteers
Who all gathered quickly around him
And from their bold enemy steered.

7. Hark! How the great battle rages.
Behold! He undauntedly stands.
The great cause for hereafter ages,
He pleads with his sword in his hands.
Behold, English lords then came bending,
And from their high chairs soon fell down.
And Tories and tyrants lay bleeding
Before this great Man of Renown.

8. Great love then filled every bosom,
And joy beamed upon every face
Where lingered the true seed of freedom,
All willingly gave God the praise.
They told the sad tale to their children,
And told them the same to hand down
To their children’s children forever
Until the great trumpet should sound.

9. To celebrate this day of freedom
Don’t let it ever be lost.
Remember the wars of our Fathers
And also the blood they have cost.
Go children, and tell the same story
To your children’s children unborn,
How English lords, tyrants, and Tories,
Have once caused your fathers to mourn.

10. T’was honor that nerved up your Fathers
And caused them to go forth and fight
To gain us this great day of freedom
In which we can now take delight,
Yes, daughters, you too have your freedom,
You too have your country most dear,
You love well your own Independence,
Your Forefathers gained for you here.

11. Exalt then the standard of Freedom,
And don’t leave upon it a stain.
Be firm and determined forever
Your freedom and rights to maintain.
Remember the God of your Fathers.
Ye Sons and ye Daughters give ear;
Then with you ’twill be well hereafter,
And nothing you’ll then have to fear.

12. Farewell, ye old venerable
Fathers’ Who have stood for many a year.
Ye, like the aged trees have fallen,
Except just a few there and here.
White locks plainly show they’re soon going
To earth-dust from whence we all came,
To rest in the mansion of glory
Beyond all the trials and pain.

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