Stories from behind the “Iron Curtain”

Stories from behind the “Iron Curtain”

Stories from behind the “Iron Curtain”

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If you are studying or would like to know more about the history and truth of communism and it’s threats to Christianity, you don’t have to go very far until you find stories of persecution and faith behind the “Iron Curtain”. Our family has seen several wonderful motion pictures that tell these stories . I encourage every to watch them. They will change your life.

The Printing

In 1990, Bob Jones University produced this film telling the true stories of several Christians, including young men and women, who sacrificed everything to print Bibles in Russia. This film is great for the entire family. Purchase online.

Summary:  When Christian principles become socially unacceptable and society moves to repress them, what will the Christians do? Witness the Soviet Union—before glasnost. Fear of the KGB pervades society. Christian faith is stifled wherever it is discovered. Most believers cling to a hollow shell of Christianity tolerated in “registered” churches. However, some believers opt to remain “unregistered,” worshipping God openly and accepting the consequences. A brave few dare to print Bibles—right under the noses of the KGB. This story is about them.


Torchlighters: The Richard Wurmbrand Story – Watch online for FREE

This short cartoon tells the inspiring true story of Richard Wurmbrand, a christian minister placed in prison under Communist Romania for practicing Christianity and fighting for freedom. It was made for a younger audience, but our entire family, including the parents, were riveted by this story of torture, perseverance and faith. Richard Wurmbrand was arrested and put in jail. He spent 14+ years in solitary confinement and underwent inhuman tortures. Through it all, he never denied his Christian faith. This is his story. Watch online for free.


Bless You Prison – Watch online for FREE

In addition to Richard Wurmbrand, hundreds of Christian Romanians were arrested and imprisoned. Nicoleta Valery Grossu was arrested and imprisoned for opposing the government. This movie tells of her amazing survival in a Romanian Communist prison camp and how faith in the Lord strengthened her. Watch online for free. (This film may be slightly intense for young audiences who do not understand the story plot. There is, however, no unnecessary violence.)



Gold Through the Fire – Watch online for FREE

This is the story of Peter Smyslov who escaped from Russia when he was 17. He had been sent to a camp after his parents were arrested for printing bibles. He comes to America, thrilled with the prospect of enjoying religious freedom without the terror of secret police and the KGB. However, he soon finds out that religious persecution also exists in America, where is persecuted for speaking about Christianity in school and mocked for his beliefs. Watch online for free.


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