The Importance of a Mother

The Importance of a Mother

The Importance of a Mother

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 “The holiest words my tongue can frame, the noblest thoughts my soul can claim, unworthy are to praise the name, more precious than all other. An infant, when her love first came, a man, I find it still the same, reverently I breathe her name, the blessed name of mother.” (The Name of Mother by: George Griffith Fether).

Women  have a beautiful and divine calling to bring precious children into the world.  Their mission is to care forand teach them.

In Alma 57: 21 it says “Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.”

mother and child hanging out washingYour mother is an important part of this puzzle we call life. She was the one who taught you right from wrong and desires you to learn and grow. She assisted in shaping the moral worldview you use to discern culture and life.  She motivates her posterity to learn, grow and change the world! Do you recognize your mother as one of your biggest supporters?  For many, this is a resounding yes!)  In the book, It Takes a Mother to Raise a Village, the author Colleen Down said “As mothers each one of us is important in the life of our own children, We are in fact the most important person on earth to our children,”

Our mothers have monumental impact on us in our lives. Your mother wants to be close to you, she especially wants to build a close relationship with you. You need your mother,  especially in your youth to counsel, teach, and guide you towards truth. Your mother was specifically chosen for you. God knew exactly who you needed in life to counsel, guide, and teach you.

Make sure to let your mother know how much you love her and how much she means to you. Let your  mother know the extent of your gratitude for her and the sacrifices she makes.

I am overwhelmingly thankful for my mother who God has blessed me with. May we all realize the importance of our mothers and thank God for her everyday!

About the author:

Hello! I am Chrisy Baker, I am the 2nd oldest to 10 kids! I am a Christain lds mormon take your pick! I am homeschooled and very proud of it! I am srtiving for perfection everyday I Have earned my Young Womanhood Recognition and were my medallion proudly! I am daughter of God, I have integrity,knowledge, divine nature, faith, virtue, I am accountable for my choices. I know my heavenly Father loves me! And I love Him. I will stand as a witness at all times and in all places. i have inherited divine gifts such as: Femininity,modesty, dominion, gentle, virtuous, strength, dignity, and Grace. I have inherited: intelligence, patience, respect, compassion, generosity, courage, strength. and best of all love! I am preparing now to serve a full time mission for church of Jeusu christ of Latter Day Saints!


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