Titus 2 Tuesday – Becky Morecraft

Titus 2 Tuesday – Becky Morecraft

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Becky Morecraft is a Christian writer and poet who teaches English lesson from a Christ-like perspective.  This is her advice about the books we read:

“What’s on your reading list? You should be reading books that will expand your mind, make you think and impact you in positive ways, not trash. There. I said it. Don’t waste your time reading garbage, for lots of reasons. One, you will be dragged down to its level. Two, you will start to think like the rest of the world. Three, your actions will reflect your thinking: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”” (Becky Morecraft, http://becky-gracenotes.blogspot.com/)

About the author:

Maidens with a Mission is an online organization dedicated to restoring God into the lives of Latter-day Saint women. We are endeavoring to restore the truths of godly womanhood and the Lord’s influence into every area of life and thought.

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