Titus 2 Tuesday – Featuring: Sister Sarah Stoddard

Titus 2 Tuesday – Featuring: Sister Sarah Stoddard

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“Children are an heritage of the Lord . . and His reward.  . . .  Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.  (Psalm 127:3-5)  Lately I have experienced feeling pure joy in my children.  This was something I had always heard about, but never fully experienced.  I did not understand the promise of the scripture.  As a result of praying to see the worth of my children and love them more deeply, the Lord opened my eyes to see their greatness.  They have given me such happiness, and I am enriched and strengthened by them.  I am awed at their abilities, their example, their encouragement to me – I can truly say they are my best friends, and I have been given the richest blessing God could possibly give me by having these as my own family members–worth more to me than any monetary treasure.  It is hard to explain, but it is a scriptural promise from God that those who understand the worth of a family and children will in turn receive this as a reward.  It is worth it!  I have truly been rewarded 100-fold and wish to pass on this witness to all you who look forward to motherhood – that God honors His promises and you will receive the greatest reward and blessing through your children, that you could not receive in any other way.  After years of seeing mostly the “work” of being a mother, and my service to them, it is an amazing blessing to suddenly see the tables turned and see what was right under my nose – wonderful people who I am honored to associate with who bless my life.  You WILL be blessed through your children!

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